Listing Guidelines

This directory is to help users of the Bayside Villager’s Facecbook community keep a list of business and services that are useful to its members.

Anyone can submit a listing and you can leave ratings and reviews on any of the businesses in the directory and you are encouraged to do so.  Before you get started, here are some basic guidelines / questions that might be helpful.

Who can submit a listing?

The directory is open to anyone to submit a listing but is primarily aimed at the residents of the Clearwater Bay villages to submit contact information about business or services that they have used and they think other people in the area might find useful.

For example: taxi services; man with a van; general contractors etc.

Are listings published immediately?

No. Each listing needs to be approved and this may take a day or two depending how busy I am.

I also reserve the right to accept or reject any listing submitted if it doesn’t serve the community.

Is listing free?


I don’t see the category I want listed – what should I do?

Submit your listing anyway and assign it to any category. If you leave a note in the “Short Description” text field telling me what category you’d like created, I’ll see this when I review the listing and can add it.

Or you can contact me here:

How do I upload an image / photo for a listing?

This function is disabled for submission, but if you want to add an image please email me a 125 x 125 px image no bigger than 100kb  in any of the following formats: .jpg  .gif .png

Can I advertise on the site?

Yes. Please see the page Advertise On This Site.

Why do I have to login with my Facebook account?

It’s easy as almost everyone has one and I’m sure you don’t want to create a new user name and password for a listing site you might only submit to once.

It also helps keep spammers in check.

When I log in with my Facebook account, what information does this site capture?

Your email address. This is in case I need to get in touch with you about information in your listing. No passwords or any other personal information is stored and your email address will not be shared with anyone.

My question wasn’t addressed above or I have other questions – how can I reach you?

Send me an email: